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For adults, it’s like seeing pieces of your life, and so, of course, you can’t resolve your feelings about it—our feelings about life are never resolved. Besides, the biology that is the basis of the “tango” remains.-Kael

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By Moira Sullivan
February 15, 2011
06:21 PM

According to Schneider, her part was written for a boy, yes that is true MA-
Boy oh Boy.

to: N, Last Tango

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never meet again even in the privacy of dreams or prayers.


damn the kritiks

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…….damn the critics.     i think melancholia was the best film of 2011…….and i will personally mud wrestle any of those opposed…this film goes beyond the enfant terrible himself who is one of my fav orite inconsistent filmmakers.   kirsten dunst is beyond reproach… this with your luvs…..and get ready for 2012!!!!!

the updated mysterious male home invader theme!

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Even if you believe Gordon Hewy Dewy Louie is the go to man for brave and vulernable man actors and Natalie Portman is still your child bride, i would recommend watching instead Pasolini’s Mystic enebriation ‘Teorema’ starring the wonderful Terrence Stamp!  Also in the same vein of the mysterious male intruder is Miiikes the Visitor.  A Gross-out-fest including human breast milk shooting out in a geyser of female climax.   Hey Miike started out by assisting the delicious Imamura with his blacker than black comedies, so whats not to love.

Is your agent your lawyer, or………. maybe shes your gardener…

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simone or the train

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